Relay by Republic Wireless Screenless Phone/Walkie Talkie & GPS Tracker

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Relay is the perfect way for parents to stay connected with their kids without giving them a smartphone. With Nationwide 4G LTE service and wifi coverage, you can stay in touch everywhere, just like a cell phone. They have some freedom while you have peace of mind knowing they're safe. No worries of exposure to the internet, apps, or cyber bullying. And with our "Do Not Disturb" mode, you can prevent Relay from going off in class or being a distraction while they're in school. Relay also enables independent play for kids. With GPS tracking and geofencing, you can feel more confident letting your child go a little farther in the neighborhood on their bike. Games like capture-the-flag can all of a sudden be more fun with live action communication between team members. Or kids can pretend they're a spy on a secret mission! Let your imagination run wild!

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