How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World Battle Royale Board Game

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  • 5 iconic Dragon figures included: This game comes with 5 iconic Dragon figures from how to Train your Dragon: the hidden world! Each player gets to choose which iconic Dragon figure they play as during the game. In addition, each iconic Dragon figure has its own unique stats that might give you an advantage in the game
  • Fast-paced how to Train your Dragon game: ascend the mountain, Dodge boulders, collect loot cards and prepare to battle your enemies! In this fun dice-rolling game, players play as a different Dragon from how to Train your Dragon: the hidden world. Players try and REACH The top of the mountain, dodging boulders, collecting loot and battling their fellow Dragon! Every battle is different, but you always have to roll the highest! Experience the fast-paced world of how to Train your Dragon
  • Deposit 3 tokens into the mountain to win: winning this game is simple: stay on top of the mountain for 3 rounds. Each round you stay atop the mountain you get to deposit one of your tokens directly into the mountain! Deposit 3 tokens and you've won the game…but remember, you'll have to battle it out to stay on top!
  • How to Train your Dragon the hidden world battle Royale is the entertaining dice-rolling game for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. It is a great game for fans and even non-fans of the hit movie franchise!
  • 1 gameboard, 5 iconic Dragon figures, 1 cardboard Mountain, 5 character cards, 1 20-sided die, 1 12-sided die, 1 8-sided die, 30 loot cards, 6 battle cards, 15 Dragon tokens, 10 Boulder tokens, 1 instruction sheet

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